Affordable Care Act

            Exempt Employee Spreadsheet

          Guidelines Booklet

            Weekly Log Form


Alternative Textbook Approval Request

Annual Curriculum and Accreditation Review

Use for senior academies, extension schools and junior academies

Attendance Record Form

Background Check Authorization


Calendar Proposal Form (2020-2021)


Child Abuse Prevention Booklet
To be used with Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Form located below


Chronological Age at School Entrance
Based on August 22, 2019 start date



K-12 Closing Report

ECEC Closing Report
Due July 15 of each year

Multigrade Schools Closing Check Sheet

School Closing Report (SR105)


Conflict of Interest
For use by school board members and school employees


Educational Scholarship Billing Form
For use by eligible denominational employees


Eighth Grade Diplomas
To be used for ordering eighth grade diplomas



Beginning of Year Check List

Business Manager Evaluation - NEW
Business Manager Evaluation Form
      - Evaluation Form Directions
      - Business Manager Evaluation Survey

Documentation Refresher  (PowerPoint)

Formal Classroom Observation/Evaluation Form

Informal Classroom Observation

Informal Classroom Observation - version 2
Informal Classroom Observation-Word

Performance Standards for Teachers - Expanded Form
Provisional Teacher Evaluation

Suggested Teacher Evaluation Timeline and Process

Summative Teacher Evaluation

Summative Teacher Evaluation Standards/Elements


Foreign Student Application

Foreign Student Insurance

For more information please visit


Information for Church Subsidies Report


Jr. Academy Registration Info Sheet


Low Income Assistance Program Application
Due September 21, 2020

New Education Employee Checklist

Notice to Employee Form
Please complete and attach with the PAR Form for all hourly employees



K-12 School Annual Opening Report (SR100, 200 & 210)
     CLICK HERE for instructions and sample format

ECEC Opening Report (ECEC100)

  Overdue Church Subsidy
To be completed and returned to SECC by the 5th of each month

PAR Form
Please attach the Notice to Employee Form with the PAR Form for all hourly employees


Payroll Schedule for 2020


Request for Alternative Instructional Materials


Request for Alternative Instructional Materials


Returning Student Application

SECC Honorarium

School Supply Order Form


Secondary Curriculum and Credit Review
See "Annual Curriculum and Accreditation Review" above


Sexual Misconduct/Harassment Prevention Training
To be used for staff/student training at schools


Student Acceleration Form

Student Accident Insurance Plan


Student Accident Claim Form


Student Accident Insurance Short Term 24 Hour

Student Application
- (Fillable)


Student Application - Returning 



  • Kindergarten (Fillable form with Adobe Reader & AcrobatPro-Attendance Calculator only works in AcrobatPro)
  • Grades 1-2 (Fillable form with Adobe Reader & AcrobatPro-Attendance Calculator only works in AcrobatPro)
  • Grades 3-8 (Fillable form with Adobe Reader & AcrobatPro-Attendance Calculator only works in AcrobatPro)


Student Retention Form


Student Worker Data Collection Form

Substitute Teacher Time Report


Termination Review Form (Please contact Office of Education for Form)


Timecard (for hourly employees)


 Trip Approval Request


Tuition & Fees 

Transitional Kindergarten

TK Application

Application for Acceleration TK



Basic Volunteer: Volunteers who assist with one-time events whose only interaction with the students is in the presence of an administrator or teacher

Fieldtrip Volunteer:
Volunteers who accompany students while off-site

Extended Volunteer: Volunteers who have frequent or prolonged contact with students (e.g. coaches or parents who assist with students on a regular daily or weekly basis or on overnight trips)

  • Background Check if Driver: Verify with your school office for background/driving check processing information.

  • LiveScan (DOJ only, if California resident for minimum of 2 years) - The receipt from the LiveScan is to be sent to SECC

  • LiveScan Locations

  • School Volunteer Commitment (to be filed at the school)

  • Tuberculosis Screening Assessment
    (If you answer "Yes" to any question on the TB Assessment, please use the TB Test Form)
    (To be on file with the school, showing a negative test within the past four years - California Health and Safety Code 121540)

  • Volunteer Services  (top portion to be completed by volunteer/school and then submitted to SECC for completion of the bottom section - to be returned to school when volunteer has been cleared)


(Please return all forms to the SECC Human Resource Dept.)


Yearlong Plan Draft 2019-2020 - PDF | Word Document
(Single Page, Single Subject)

Yearlong Plan Draft 2019-2020 - PDF | Word Document
(Single Page - Math, Social Studies, Science)


Yearlong Plan Draft 2019-2020 - PDF | Word Document
(Single Page - Reading, Language Arts, Bible)


Yearlong Plan Draft 2019-2020 - PDF | Word Document
(Multi Page, Multi Subject)



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