Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Form
Required for all certified and classified employees
(Reading sections 11165.7 and 11166 of the penal code is required prior to signing of the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Form.)


Church Membership Verification Form


Conflict of Interest Form

      -Statement of Ethical Foundations    (Must read before signing the Conflict of Interest Form)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) formerly PAC 
      Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 2018-19 (Fillable)(Revised 5/30/19)
         Continuing Education Units Criteria and Guidelines Revised 3/2019
         Continuing Education Growth Books 2018-19
         Continuing Education Units 2017-18 (Fillable) (Rev. June 13, 2018)

         Continuing Education Easy Guide (Revised 5/8/18)
         Criteria and Guidelines (Revised 8/2017)
         Continuing Education Growth Books 2017-2018

         Continuing Education Growth Books 2017
         Continuing Education Units 2016-17 (Fillable) (Revised 6/7/17)

Educational Scholarship Billing Form


Employee Service Record


Expense Voucher
To be used for travel expenses

I-9 Instructions

I-9 Handbook for Employers

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (Paper Version)


Moving Authorization
To be used for moving costs associated with new employment assignment


New Employee Data Collection


Payroll Schedule for 2019


Physical Examination Report and TB Screening

      -  Physical Exam Report
      - TB Screening Assessment
            (If you answer "Yes" to any question on the TB Screening Assessment, please use the TB Test Form)

To be used for State of California and Pacific Union Conference Requirements
(Certificated Employees Only)


Professional Activity Credits (see Continuing Education Units for new Versions 2016-17)

Criteria and Guidelines Revised November 2013
2015-2016 PAC (fillable) (Revised 5/5/16)

2014-2015 PAC (fillable) (Revised 5/27/15)
2013-2014 PAC

Professional Growth Books 2016

Professional Growth Books 2015

Professional Growth Books 2014

Professional Growth Books 2013


 Professional Development Plan

Short Term Sick Leave Transfer
 (For Exempt employees only)


Teacher Certification Application
To be used to apply for NAD K-12 teacher certification


Teacher Certification Manual (2016 Edition)

Teacher Intent Form (for all certificated employees-FT/PT)
Due to Principals by January 11, 2019


Online Tuition Waiver Authorization - (La Sierra University ONLY)

Tuition Waiver Authorization -  (Pacific Union College ONLY)

Vacation Request for 12-Month Exempt Employees


W-4 Form (2019)

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